making dead birds

There are worse things than dying. Henry Thomas (E.T., FEVER), Patrick Fugit (ALMOST FAMOUS) and Isaiah Washington (GREY'S ANATOMY) star in this Civil War-era ghost story about a band of Confederate soldiers in an abandoned house.

MAKING DEAD BIRDS is a twenty-seven minute documentary, which follows the film from pre-production through its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival a year after production wrapped.

This is an excerpt. Words of praise:

“It is without reservation that I can tell you that the Making Of Dead Birds featurette is the best put together and most intriguing of its kind that I have ever found on disc.” - Underland Online

“The disc’s highlight is a half-hour behind-the-scenes documentary…” - Fangoria


Original RT: 27:16 // This excerpt: 3:56 // Size: 19.5 MB